Public API

Welcome to the IndigenousMap API. This is a source of data made available free of charge to anyone who is looking for information about the Indigenous history of the Americas. We are continually growing our dataset, so please check back again regularly!

How To Use

Our API contains very different sources of data. In the future, we will make this API queryable by location or theme, but for now, you will need to query each source directly by using its “slug”. This slug will be in the format:<insert_dataset_here>

The current slugs, which you can read about in more detail below, are:

Data Currently Available

  • California Lands Once Held In Trust (no longer in Trust)
    • This dataset describes lands that governments once assured Indigenous nations would be held in trust, but have since been taken out of trust and which Indigenous nations no longer have any legal authority over.
  • California Lands Currently Held In Trust
    • This dataset contains the geographies of current reservation boundaries and other areas still held by the government in trust for Indigenous nations.

Data Coming Soon